FIRST Youth Protection Program

Our organization operates in compliance with FIRSTs policies regarding student safety and volunteer training:

All teams are required to have two lead mentors who agree to obtain FIRST Youth Protection Clearance. In addition, lead mentors are required to

+ Ensure that other volunteers whether at events or working with teams have this training OR work closely with another volunteer who has met safety training and clearance requirements.

Clarification, from FIRST’s Youth Protection Program document:

FIRST Youth Protection Clearance (YPC) process entails:

– Viewing a short information video.

– Reading and agreeing to abide by the Code of Conduct and Fundamental Safety Guidelines.

– Submitting legal full name, legal address, number of years at this address, and date of birth confidentially to a certified screening agency contracted by FIRST for purpose of a criminal background and sex offender registry check.

Note: Alternative (non-FIRST) screening may be accepted in lieu of FIRST screening at the discretion of the team’s Lead Coaches/Mentors. However to obtain YPC, all adults who regularly work with FIRST teams are required to register with FIRST and read and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct and Fundamental Safety Guidelines, which are unique to FIRST.

Adults who have not obtained YPC may only work with teams under the close direction of a Lead Coach/Mentor or his or her designee, and may only work at FIRST Official Events under the close direction of another adult who has obtained YPC.

For more on FIRST volunteer guidelines and to see YPP videos, click here.