First State Jr. FIRST LEGO League

First State FIRST LEGO League offers two programs affiliated with the international organization, FIRST-

◾Jr. FIRST LEGO League.

The goals of First State FIRST LEGO League are to build student self-confidence, knowledge, and life skills, while introducing them to the fun and excitement of science, engineering, and technology.


Jr. FIRST® LEGO® League’s objective is to interest young children in grades k-3 in the world of science, technology and engineering by engaging their natural curiosity and imagination.

First by exploring and researching a theme, then by using an open-ended LEGO® building set, teams design a model depicting an aspect of each year’s challenge. Each year, the Jr.FLL® challenge theme mirrors the challenge presented to older elementary students in FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL®).

For example, one year, Jr.FLL® teams were challenged to improve the quality of life for senior citizens by learning about the obstacles some people face as they get older. In other years, the challenges have centered on ocean exploration, problems of managing waste materials, or solutions for transportation systems. In 2013 the young teams faced the DISASTER BLASTER CHALLENGE, where they were challenged to

■ Learn about natural disasters.
■ Research how people in their community use science and technology to prepare for, respond to or recover from disasters.
■ Learn about simple machines in order to build a model made of LEGO® elements which included a motorized moving part.
■ Create a team Show-Me Poster to represent their findings.
■ Share what they learned with people they know and at a Jr.FLL® event

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