Diamond State FTC

Diamond State FIRST Tech Challenge is a low-cost, high energy robotics program for middle and high school students affiliated with the international organization, FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). Diamond State FTC was one of the original six FTC programs in the world. Student teams ( each up to 10 members) from across the East coast compete in DSFTC events.

The goals of Diamond State FIRST Tech Challenge are to promote FTC in Delaware and provide training resources and assistance for teams in robot construction and team organization. DSFTC also organizes and runs Kickoff events, scrimmages, workshops, and the DE State Championship.

What is FTC?

FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) offers students the opportunity to design, build and program robots using a variety of STEM‐ based concepts. They also learn to value cooperation within competition which is a core part of alliance building, problem solving and Gracious Professionalism.

Additionally, in FTC competitions, high‐school students must practice documentation and presentation skills when discussing a process or procedure with a panel of judges.

For more on Diamond State FTC see http://www.delawareftc.org/