MOE students’ robot takes the stage

star-wars-the-musicalFSR students learn that engineering can help to solve many of life’s challenges….clean water, safe food systems, space and ocean exploration… but they could not have predicted the request that came to them from one of Wilmington’s arts organizations last spring.

A few months ago, Bootless Stageworks’ Executive Artistic Director, Rosanne Dellaversano approached the Miracle Workerz team for help creating a working R2D2 replica for their production, “Star Wars, A New Musical Hope.”  That request turned into an unusual and fun summer project for some of MOE 365 students and mentors… its nickname is R2MOE2. While the musical is in its final days and all shows have been sold out, you can see the students, their mentor, and the remote-controlled robot in an article by Holly Quinn in the Delaware News Journal here.