MOE 365 jumps in to meet new challenge

Here are a few scenes from the FRC team MOE365 meeting last Saturday, January 9 at DuPont’s Chestnut Run work site. Like others around the world, they gathered to view kickoff video from FIRST world headquarters, then jumped in to begin brainstorming potential strategies and robot designs.

  • (Left) MOE students watching a broadcast of the FIRST kickoff, showing Dean Kamen talking with students in Manchester, NH.
  • (Right) MOE students acting out the roles of robots in a simulated match to help the team understand how the game works.


The 2016 challenge has a medieval theme and name: FIRST Stronghold, and the kickoff video spoofed genre films and television shows– complete with catapulted “animals” and tower-climbing robots. Learn more about FRC here or watch the same animation video below.