501(c)3 approval and tax documents

First State Robotics, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, was incorporated in Delaware on December 24, 2003 as a non-stock, non-profit corporation (EIN 20-0613902).

NJ tax exemption

2017 Texas tax exemption letter

2017 Texas sales tax form

June 2020 IRS Taxpayer ID and Certification (W-9)

February 2016 IRS Taxpayer ID and Certification (W-9)

April 2014 IRS Taxpayer ID Number and Certification (W-9)

2013 IRS reaffirmation non-profit status

April 2013 IRS reaffirmation 501(c)3

FSR By-Laws.2009

Exemption application and appendices

Application form 1023, May 2004

A. Activities
B. Fundraising program
C. Officers

Incorporation and non-profit approval

Certificate of incorporation, State of DE, December 2003

By-laws First State Robotics, December 2003

Internal Revenue Approval Letter, June 2004

Most recent tax returns: 2013 click here, 2014 click here.

Additional archived documents at http://moe365.org/fsr.php.

More info, contact fsrpresident@gmail.com.

See Guidestar report here.