FLL Rookie team Sponsorship

First State Robotics wants to support you to inspire Delaware youngsters through an awesome science and engineering program, FIRST LEGO League. In  line with FSR’s high school teams, the Miracles of Engineering (MOE),  elementary and middle school teams applying for the FSR rookie FLL team sponsorship program agree to use MOE somewhere in their team name… MOEbots? MOEtor makers?


First Year Teams are eligible to receive a $100 sponsorship and Second Year Teams are eligible for a $50 sponsorship.


  1. First year team applications will be accepted while funds last.
  2. Awards will be automatic to second year teams- but they MUST apply!
  3. Teams will be notified by email of sponsorship acceptance by email.
  4. Teams with full or significant funding through other sponsorship programs (ex. Boys and Girls Clubs) will not be eligible.
  5. After competitions wrap up, your team may be invited to join others at public outreach or demonstration events, but there is no obligation to participate.
  6. You may be asked to forward email requests for event volunteers to team parents, but this is not required for sponsorship or participation in the program.Apply now

Steps to sponsorship:


FSR Sponsored rookie team, the MOE-rines, at 2015-16 FLL Championship DSU