MOE FSR Mid-season report

Here’s the mid-season report from Mr. MOE, John Larock, including a recap of game highlights from the Seneca District event :
WOW!  What a weekend!
For those of you who might have been hibernating this weekend, here is a summary of the Mid-Atlantic Robotics (MAR) Seneca District Competition:
MOE was 10-2 in qualification matches (some nail-bitingly close) and ranked #2, missing the #1 rank by a late qualifying 4-rotor match by team 3941, The Metal Moose, who took #1.
MOE was able to captain our own alliance, consisting of Team 5895, Peddie School Robotics and 3167, the Mechanical Misfits.
After getting off to a rocky start, the alliance got into it’s stride and by the semi-finals was on fire, beating an alliance led by Team 272 which put up two 400+ point, 4-rotor matches in the quarter-finals.
The finals included game-play that the MAR district has not yet seen, fuel (balls) being a critical part of the strategy for both alliances.  MOE lost a close first match and won the second close match.  Our alliance got behind on the third match, but won out as Team 219, alliance captain of the opposing alliance, could not get their climb.
So, MOE and our alliance win Seneca!
In addition, the team was recognized with the Innovation in Control award for our consistent autonomous program and target tracking.
Arynn Hernandez, our Safety Captain, was selected as Safety Star of the Day and MOE was a Safety Award finalist.
And on top of that, MOE 365 is ranked the #1 team in the MAR District, tied in points with team 103 – Cybersonics.  Info on MAR Rankings is here:
Want to relive some of the excitement this past weekend, here is the FIRST Mid-Atlantic Event YouTube Channel: (make sure you go to 2017 events)
Next up for the team:  
  • Mid-Atlantic Robotics Championship (Lehigh – April 6-8)
  • FIRST World Championship – Houston (April 19-23)
  • Fans, friends, and family can follow them on facebook

High scores and quality award to MOE FRC

MOE FRC had a great showing at Mid-Atlantic Robotics Seneca regional competition as part of the over-all winning alliance this past weekend. Some team highlights:

  • ended qualification rounds ranked 2nd out of 38 teams
  • were part of an alliance that had the highest score in the qualifications (116, match 70)
  • were the first pick for alliance selection by the number one seed (Team Nemesis – 2590)
  • were undefeated in eliminations going into finals
  • won first finals match, barely lost second, and won third by putting up the highest score in the MAR District competitions so far (179 points – with four district events completed)
  • were recognized with the Motorola Quality Award for bot that did everything and did it well

Team leader, John Larock, credits the team spirit and determination reflected in the high school student members, as well as  their mentors and supporters. Look for more info, highlight video, and photos  at MOE website here.

The team will compete next on April 2-3  in Mid Atlantic Robotics (MAR) Westtown District Event which is free and open to the public.

MOE 365 hosts an open house

DuPont-sponsored MOE High School Robotics Team held their annual open house Sunday, February 16, 2014 at their team build site at DuPont Chestnut Run Plaza. The team hosted their parents, families, and sponsors offering them an overview of the upcoming competition season, including this year’s robot game, Aerial assist. Visitors toured the work area and were able to see the MOE sub-teams at work.

Scheduled competition events for MOE 365 in 2014:

  • Springside-Chestnut Hill District Event, March 14 to 15
  • Bridgewater-Raritan District Event, March 29 to 30
  • Mid-Atlantic Robotics Region Championship, Stabler Arena, Lehigh University, April 10 to 12
  • FIRST Championships – St. Louis, MO, April 23 to 26