Mentors sought- do good, have fun, build robots

Join us! Help to change lives, change our culture, change the world- and have fun doing it!

We are volunteer-powered organization– impacting young people’s lives in our region since 2000. People who volunteer as FSR coaches and mentors have many different reasons for getting involved, but almost all of them agree that they get back much more than they give.

First State Robotics is currently seeking volunteers with both technical and non-technical expertise, and there’s NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

 Information about openings for technical roles from John Larock, team leader for Team MOE365:
The following volunteer opportunities are open in support of our FIRST Robotics Competition team, Miracle Workerz/MOE 365, located in Wilmington, Delaware. As a volunteer on this high school robotics team, mentors will be working with students with varying levels of competence/confidence in these areas.  

NOTE: You do not need to be proficient in all the skills listed under each volunteer position.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) mentor

Mentor with background interested in CAD design. Familiar with SolidWorks, other CAD packages. Demonstrated experience in component, mechanism design/modeling.

Electrical mentor

Mentor with background in electronics. Demonstrated ability to wire circuits and sensors in electro-mechanical devices/robots. Experience troubleshooting circuitry. Soldering / circuit design experience.

Media Mentor

Mentor with background in social media, public relations, journalism. Demonstrated ability to develop websites in Word press. Experience/interest in digital video, public relations, communication tools.

Mechanical Mentor

Mentor with background in design, fabrication, troubleshooting of electro-mechanical devices/robots. Demonstrated experience with hand tools, machine shop tools, 3D printers, etc.

If you are interested in any of these roles, please contact John Larock at

If you are interested in non- technical roles, please click here.

Thank you!

Local high school robotics teams compete at FIRST World Championship

Two FSR teams will participate in a global robotics competition this week. The students of FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) team Rhyme Know Reason and FRC (FIRST Robotics Challenge) team MOE are headed to St. Louis for the FIRST  World Championship April 27- 30.

FIRST Tech Challenge teams build robots on a base no larger than 18 inches square and compete on a 12-foot by 12-foot field. FIRST Robotics Competition teams build larger robots that can weigh up to 120 pounds and compete on a 27-foot by 54-foot field. Alliances of teams compete against each other during 2 1/2-minute matches during both contests.

This year’s FTC game is modeled on a mountain rescue scenario. Points are scored when two-robot alliances“reset” Rescue beacons; deliver Rescue Climbers to a “shelter;” park on the “mountain;” and park in the Rescue beacon “repair zone” or floor goal.

The FRC game is also new each year and this year’s has a medieval theme- in only six weeks, teams must design and build a robot and a game strategy able to cross “rough terrain;” open “drawbridges;” score points by shooting “boulders;” and climb a “tower.”

Qualifying matches begin on Wed. 4/27 at 2pm. For anyone interested in watching the action LIVE online, here’s a link:

RKR will be in the FRANKLIN division of the competition. MOE will be in the GALILEO division.

High scores and quality award to MOE FRC

MOE FRC had a great showing at Mid-Atlantic Robotics Seneca regional competition as part of the over-all winning alliance this past weekend. Some team highlights:

  • ended qualification rounds ranked 2nd out of 38 teams
  • were part of an alliance that had the highest score in the qualifications (116, match 70)
  • were the first pick for alliance selection by the number one seed (Team Nemesis – 2590)
  • were undefeated in eliminations going into finals
  • won first finals match, barely lost second, and won third by putting up the highest score in the MAR District competitions so far (179 points – with four district events completed)
  • were recognized with the Motorola Quality Award for bot that did everything and did it well

Team leader, John Larock, credits the team spirit and determination reflected in the high school student members, as well as  their mentors and supporters. Look for more info, highlight video, and photos  at MOE website here.

The team will compete next on April 2-3  in Mid Atlantic Robotics (MAR) Westtown District Event which is free and open to the public.