FSR salutes Red Clay School’s world record LEGO Tower

August 23, 2013, an authenticator from Guinness World Records was on hand as students and volunteers from the Red Clay school district completed construction on the world’s tallest structure made of LEGO toy bricks. In order to qualify, the structure had to be free-standing and contain no adhesives. The previous record-holder, a 106-foot tower, was built in Prague in 2012.

“This has been a great community event,” Red Clay superintendent, Dr. Merv Daugherty, said. “It shows what people can accomplish when they pull together. One kid could have never done this by themselves, but when we all work together as a team we can do something that people thought impossible.”

Fun facts:

  • 500,000 Lego pieces
  • 112 feet and 11.75 inches tall
  • 11-story tower
  • Weighs just under 1 ton
  • Students from every school in the district worked on the project

Photos and video from the remarkable event can be seen online:

Time magazine

Guinness World Records Website

Delaware Online Video


For several years, Red Clay District has partnered with FSR, hosting both FLL qualifiers and JFLL expo events, and sponsoring school-based FLL and FTC teams. This year, one of FSFLL’s qualifying events will be held Saturday, December 14, at Red Clay’s Conrad School of the Sciences.