New FLL Teams- Opportunity for FSR Sponsorship

New leader checklist.1First State Robotics wants to support your efforts to inspire Delaware youngsters through an awesome science and engineering program, FIRST LEGO League. In  line with FSR’s high school teams, the Miracles of Engineering (MOE),  when elementary and middle school teams apply for the FSR rookie FLL team sponsorship program, they agree to use MOE somewhere in their team name… MOEbots? MOEtor makers? First Year Teams are eligible to receive a $100 sponsorship and Second Year Teams are eligible for a $50 sponsorship.

  1. First year team applications will be entered into a lottery system, to be drawn September 1, 2016. Applications due August 31, 2016.
  2. Awards will be automatic to second year teams- but they MUST apply by August 31, 2016.
  3. Teams with full or significant funding through other sponsorship programs will not be eligible.
  • To begin your journey, find out more about starting and registering an FLL team, at
  • Then, find out more about Delaware FLL, at
  • To learn more and apply for Rookie team sponsorship, click here.

FSR Sponsored rookie team, the MOE-rines, at 2015-16 FLL Championship DSU

DE FLL Champs invited to Legoland Invitational


FIRST LEGO League Team 6361, the Technobots, were named state champions on Saturday, February 20, at the DE FLL Championship event held at DSU in Dover. The team has an opportunity to advance to the LEGOLAND Invitational in California. More than 30 teams from DE, PA, and NJ competed for the title– in timed runs on a challenge-filled field and in three major judged categories:

  • Robot design, including strategy and programming;
  • Project solution, identifying, researching and addressing a real-world problem related to waste and waste management, and sharing it with the community;
  • Core values, that include teamwork and gracious professionalism.

Scenes from the full-day event.

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Local high schoolers and today’s robots

Photo by Adriana M. Groisman

Photo by Adriana M. Groisman

In a News Journal article November 19, Robots to the rescue, reporter Molly Murray wrote about current real-world applications using robots in education, science and exploration, as well as security and industry. Adult mentors and students of DuPont and FSR sponsored team, MOE365, working at their build site on DuPont’s Barley Mill campus, were one prominent focus of her story.

She also spoke with FSR board members, Karen O’Brien and board president, Peggy Vavalla, as well as two FSR partners– directors of Delaware’s FTC, FLL and JFLL programs— Eric Cheek and Teshenia Hughes about robots as an educational tool.

Working with Cheek at DSU, Hughes became involved in development of elementary and middle school LEGO League teams. “My passion changed. I believe in it,” she said.

To see the article and video interview with MOE students, visit News Journal’s site here.