2015 FIRST Future Innovator Challenge

Our teams work like crazy to solve engineering and design challenges and in the process apply science, math, coding, and communication skills. Colleges and universities recognize the potential in our students and their work. Millions of dollars of scholarships are available each year…to learn about some of the 2015 scholarships, click here.

Another special opportunity for students to demonstrate excellence in innovation begins this month. FRC and FTC students can participate in the drive to address some of the grand engineering challenges– clean water, reliable, useful data in healthcare, and more.

The Abbott Fund is sponsoring the FIRST Future Innovators Award. The 2015 competition launches  May 12 with submission deadline of October 30, 2015. Top prize is a $5000 cash award, and two runners-up will win $2500 each. To learn more… Visit usfirst.org. 

FSR invites all members of Delaware teams to apply their skills to something much bigger and help make the world a better place! Go teams!