FTC holds scrimmage event at Salem Community College

FSR students report on their experiences at 2015 Duel on the Delaware

FTC Team 8528 displays banner created and donated by teammate, “Hardcore Stitches

FTC Team 8528 displays banner created and donated by teammate, “Hardcore Stitches”

Last October 17, the Duel on the Delaware (near the Delaware River in NJ) was a great chance for our team to share ideas with a variety of other teams and to get some practice on the field with other robots. Our sister team, MOE FTC 365, also attended the event.

In the morning two student members of our team taught an Engineering Notebook workshop to a full classroom of students from roughly ten different teams. We described what an engineering notebook was, why it was important, challenges and how to overcome them and more. After the presentation we shared our old notebook with everyone and shared ideas and advice with them one on one. Thankfully, everyone took a lot of notes and seemed to get a lot out of the workshop. We may even be asked to teach this workshop a third time at another scrimmage. Meanwhile, our teammates were learning programming at other workshops.

The night before the Duel, we worked really hard to make a solid chassis to use in the scrimmages but we didn’t have a second set of technology to install on it. Our Pennsylvania friends, the Flaming Phoenixes, had the tech but not a new chassis; but working together, we had a completely functioning “Flaming Rhymes” robot. At the Duel, we spent the afternoon working on it and competing together while sharing ideas, tools, and drive teams.

As the photo shows, we were proud to display our fantastic new team banner. Overall the day was a fun start to the (almost) competition season!

Submitted by members of Team 8528 Rhyme Know Reason