Next fall’s FLL and JFLL challenges? Animal kingdom!

The excitement is growing! FIRST world headquarters has hinted about the 2016-17 FLL (FIRST LEGO LEAGUE) and JFLL (Jr. FIRST LEGO League) challenges.

We know that they will center on the animal kingdom… BUT more details about the projects and robot missions won’t be released until August.

Summer time, though, is a great time to organize your teams and register for fall action.

  • Elementary and middle school students can attend robotics summer camps at Delaware Sate University.
  • New teams can apply for sponsorship from FSR by adding the word “MOE” to their team names and by contacting us here.


Click here to learn about the new themes Creature Craze and Animal Allies.

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 Find info about starting a JFLL team here.

Click here to learn more about robotics summer camp at DSU.