Announcing 2016-17 FLL/FLLJr. challenge

This season, FIRST LEGO League (FLL) and FIRST LEGO League Jr. challenges youngsters to create new ways to help animals.

FLL students (grades 4-8) choose a problem and learn more about it. They also design and build a LEGO robot that scores points by helping animals in several mini environments. Their challenge is called Animal Allies.

FLLJr students (grades K-3) begin by exploring the life of a honeybee and the animals who live nearby.Their  challenge is called Creature Craze.

In FLL, think about all the different ways that people interact with animals…. on purpose or by accident?

  • Pick a situation when people and animals interact.🐬
  • Identify a specific problem you want to solve.πŸ‚
  • Find out about the current solutions. Why does this problem still exist? 🐘
  • Talk to experts to learn about your problem.πŸ“
  • Design a possible solution You can improve something old or create something new.πŸ€
  • Get the word out and share your plan with others in the community.πŸͺ
  • Present your team’s research and solution at an FLL competition.πŸ‹

In FLLJr, chose an animal to learn more about…. It’s life, it’s environment, it’s challenges. Can you think of a solution?

  • Build a LEGO model to show what you learned. 🐝
  • Share your new knowledge and ideas with others.🐎

No matter what, remember to have fun! πŸ˜ƒ